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Protect your valuable outboard from salt water corrossion

The performance of your outboard motor is extremely important and if they are not maintained properly, you may find yourself being towed back to shore. In many cases, engine failure results from corrosion within the engine caused by salt. Star brite’s Salt Off with PTEF is formulated to quickly and effectively remove salt deposits from all metal, fiberglass, vinyl, rubber, glass, plastic and painted surfaces. An applicator allows it be used to flush engines or to quickly spray the underside of trailers and vehicles that have been exposed to salt. Available in a handy, ready-to-use spray as well as larger concentrated sizes to treat larger areas.

To flush an outboard engine, fill your apllicator with the desired amount of Salt Off and connect your garden hose to the applicator. Now connect the applicator to your outboard muffs, place the muffs on the motor, turn on the hose and run the motor. Once you can only see water running through the applicator – the job is done..

Removes salt deposits and provides a protective PTEF barrier coat.

PTEF polymers bond to surface for long-lasting protection.
This is a complete kit with applicator.
The most effective way to remove salt deposits from outboard motots, fishing tackle, dive gear, railings and decks.
See the video on You Tube that explains the procedure to flush your outboard below;