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MAC 210 Dinghy


Product Description


The “BABY MAC” 210 Dinghy is a great little tender, or dinghy, which is lightweight and yet very stable. You can easily transport a MAC 210 on a roof rack, camper van or even carry it up the beach. It’s ideal for rowing or motoring to your mooring, but it is just as much fun playing on the water.


Length: 2.1m
External Beam: 1.3m
Internal Beam: 1.24m
Rating: 2hp – 4hp
Hull Weight: 30kg
Freeboard: 340mm
Deadrise: 4 degrees
Capacity: 2 persons
Warranty: 5 years

Standard Features:

Drain Bung
Towing Eye
Outbord Bracket


Mac boats are world leaders in fully rotational molded polyethylene boats and have an extensive range from 2.1 meter right up to our newest 7 meter model.

These boats are constructed using a patented “Gyro-Tech” process that forms double skin, pontoon boats with extraordinary qualities. The boats are virtually indestructible, almost unsinkable, and maintenance-free with around five times the impact strength of fiberglass.

All our boats are built to the CE specification and are used for both recreational and commercial applications.