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Karnic SL600 – Stylish All-Rounder Aims to Please

Stylish all-rounder aims to please

Highly adaptable Karnic SL600 is full of near surprises

The Karnic SL600 is a 6m boat and has more surprises per metre than any other boat that comes to mind, full of hidden compartments and dual-purpose components, all put together with a lot of style.

This is an all-rounder, shading towards a family or party boat but with fishing more than possible.

Cool storage and limited cooking facilities are laid on plus seating for more people than are likely to be carried.

The upholstered seats at the quarters are linked by a small settee, removable for fishing, and all face a drop-in table.

At the rear of the double driving seat is a sort of bolster with an esky fitted below it.

For serious use of the table, this bolster folds down to form a double seat – and also to reveal a single-burner stove and a sink – while the quarter seats convert to settees to complete a near encirclement of the table.

The layout of the Karnic is walk-around or island cab; a couple steps at each side lead to forward side decks. These lead to the sloping forward face of the cabin top.

Revealing the boat’s European origins, there is a recess armed with press-studs to accept the supplied mattress.

Drink holders here rehydrate the user of this sunbed. 

The boat’s construction method, to incorporate the raised foredeck without visible substructure, was to give it a complete hull liner. 

This means an air gap the builders have used to give vast amounts of storage behind doors in the inner hull.

A particularly retentive owner could double the weight of his boat with ease. There is storage below the quarter seats. By lifting out the storage bins here you gain access to bulk stowage and also the battery and associated switchgear. 

The driving position features a double bolster seat (locker underneath, of course).

This faces a beautifully laid-out dash and a deluxe steering wheel; a pleasure just to sit here without driving.

The ergonomics of everything plus the hydraulic steering increases the pleasure once actually driving. Power is supplied by by a 175hp Honda.

Certainly not an overkill of power but enough to produce a high cruising speed with minimal stress. The modest revs coupled with a naturally quiet motor were restful on the ears along with a near-silent hull, likely a product of the insulating quality of the double skin.

Everything aft of the windscreen can be screened from the sun. The Bimini covering the cockpit’s forward half has a pull-out extension to shade the rest.

Clears and an aft closure convert the whole space into a weatherproof room. That option is unlikely to be used often but the ability to shield the entire windward cockpit side from spray on windy passages home from Rottnest is worth having.

The cabin, despite volume given up to the side decks, is a very useable space. The settees are long enough for adult sleeping, and the cockpit table can be deployed in here. The review boat had no toilet fitted but there is space for a chemical toilet to drop in, or a flushing toilet can be ordered.

There are no complex hull mouldings aft of the transom. 

Instead a desperately moulded pair of swim platforms is bolted on. It sounds rough and simple but it produces a large but lightweight and useful area. A telescoping ladder disappears into the starboard moulding.

Once aboard, there is the pleasure of a freshwater shower and SeaDek luxury underfoot.

Many imported boats come from places where the evidence suggests no one anchors, and arrangements have to be cobbled up locally. Not here; the cable runs over a bowsprit and is hauled by a powered drum windlass.

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