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Product Description


The MT600G Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) featuring improved GPS functionality which will ensure faster location in an emergency situation.

MT600G features a 10 year battery life and advanced self testing capability, giving users greater peace of mind. It boasts a 66 channel GPS receiver which reduces the search area to less than 100m radius, and a 121.5MHz homing signal to further aid in location and retrieval in an emergency.

Complete with quick release mounting bracket and automatically deployed antenna, the MT600G is certified by COSPAS SARSAT for worldwide usage.

Other Features

GPS Internal 66 channel high performance receiver with quadrifilar helix antenna

Retention Lanyard,Buoyant type approximately 5.5m long

ReflectorSOLAS retro-reflective tape

Solid-State Strobe High reliability solid state design – exceeds IMO requirements

Antenna Flexible, self straightening stainless steel design

Bracket Quick release mechanism (manual)

Dimensions: 108(W) x 89(D) x 261(H) mm



Activation Manually by operator

Bracket Type Manual Release

Duration 48 hours minimum

UHF 406.040 MHz, 5W ± 2dB, PSK (digital)

Strobe 20 flashes per minute

COSPAS – SARSAT Certified to C/S T.001 (Class 2) requirements

VHF 121.5MHz, 25 mw Min [email protected]°

Battery Replacement Period 10 Years