Morningstar aluminium boats

The Morningstar Boats are revolutionary because of their unique aluminium plate formed hulls. During forming, thousands tonnes of force is applied on premium aluminium plates and the material becomes a little liquid-like, evenly spreading on dedicated design dies. Flat plates become complex shapes. This allows the single plate bottom of Morningstar Boats to incorporate reverse chines, strakes, and variable deadrise, and eliminate an external extrusion keel. Additionally, side plates and gunwales can now be integrated into a streamline shape with second chine and flared-bow. Together, these formed plates give the hull outstanding hydraulic properties, static and dynamic. That’s why we call it the Hydro Hull.

Strength is another important characteristic of the Hydro Hull. The formed plates act as a strong outer shell, an exoskeleton. This ‘unibody’ concept might seem familiar, because it is highly popular with high-end sports cars, airplanes, automobiles and top-end bicycles. No longer dependent on frames alone to provide structural strength, the net result is a stronger, lighter and more rigid integral structure. Special folding technology are also used to construct stiffeners and transom. Folded stiffener system and transom dramatically decrease welding and increase rigidity and durability.

Hydro Hull take things another step further: a rigid shell means robot welding is now a possibility. Robots are blind and can only follow fixed paths. If the deviation between pieces is greater than 1mm, parts cannot be welded by robots. High-tech forming turns flexible plates into self-rigid exoskeletons and keep the deviation under control. The end effect is that we are able to consistently reproduce identical welds on the Hydro Hull time and time again.

The entire hull structure, including keel and support frames, of the Morningstar series of boats are made with marine grade 5083 alloy. Many similar sized boats on the market today uses the 5052 alloy. While 5052 is easier to form, 5083 offers roughly 50% higher tensile and yield strengths

Inspired by the art of origami, our patented Origrid design provides structural integrity and flexibility that surpasses all boats in its class.

We utilise high precision automatic robotic arms and welding machines in most welding processes. Every weld is our best performance.

Revolutionary Hull Structure
Different from conventional pressed or plate alloy boats, Morningstar boats are constructed with much fewer parts by adopting 3D formed single-plate bottoms, single-plate sides incorporating gunwales, and our patented Origrid stiffener system. Fewer parts means less welding and fewer weak links in the structure. Deduction is the code in reengineering Morningstar’s hull structure, but there is one exception, the forefoot. The forefoot is the part that usually encounters the most impact. Morningstar boats have a double-plated forefoot. A 4mm-thick 5083 alloy formed forefoot shield is fully welded over the 3mm single-plate bottom. The 4mm shield acts not only like a bumper but also an extra structure reinforcing strength at the bow.

3D Forming Technology and Robot Welding during Construction
3D forming techniques are applied to the production of the hull plates. The forming of non-developable surfaces stretches the hull slightly in multiple directions and dramatically increases its strength. At the same time, 3D geometric shapes, such as curved surfaces, strakes, and steps, are built into the plates. These shapes are not only for style or hydrodynamic purposes, but also to increase the strength of the hardened plates further. Robots are used in most of the Morningstar boats welding jobs. The precise and consistent welding works ensure every Morningstar boat reaches its design quality.